How to use props in your couples session without being cheesy

Woohoo you're engaged! I love love and it's so dang exciting that you have found your person. Now comes the fun part: (well one of many the fun parts) your engagement session! This should be carefree, fun, and relaxed, and show to the world who you are as a couple. But maybe you're a little camera shy and feeling a bit nervous about creative direction? Don't worry you are not alone! One of my favorite things to recommend to couples who aren't used to having their photos taken is to bring a few photoshoot props for your couples session. Without being overly cheesy, creative and carefully selected elements are actually a great way to put you at ease and give you something to focus on (instead of that dreaded camera).

Flowers, Flowers, and more Flowers

Flowers are my all-time favorite prop for several reasons. They capture nature's beauty and add incredible texture to your photos, and can also be seasonal and arranged to showcase various colors, moods, and vibes. Floral arrangements and hakus (flower crowns) are also a great distraction for fidgety hands. Seriously, I will stuff anything with flowers, don't tempt me 🙂 And let's not forget that fresh flowers usually support local artisans and vendors! My favorite places to get flowers on the island are: Le Flowers and Waiahole Nursery.

Blankets for cozy engagement photos

If we are having your engagement session on the beach or in a field, I would highly recommend a blanket or tapestry to put down. Blankets vary by design, but they can help get you two cozy, comfy and cute. Plus if it's cold outside,(which is unlikely here on Oahu, but still) you can actually use the blanket to stay warm!

Find something you enjoy doing together

If you both love reading, let's go to a book store. Love records? Record store! Avid get the idea. As long its representative of you and your relationship you can't go wrong.

Too often couples are chasing a fabled Instagram shot, instead of focusing on what makes their story unique. Trust me, photographing at your favorite place doing your favorite things will mean much more to you than a nice photo on a beach you don't even remember the name of years later.

Favorite Beverages are a great prop for your couples session

Ok I know that's quite a mouthful and is a big variety but you get the idea. Whether you're an avid coffee drinker or like a little bubbly in your life, morning snugs with your favorite coffee mugs or excited bottle pops showcase what you like to do together and are great props for your couple session and this is great for getting rid of jitters during your engagement photo session! Bonus points if we're actually shooting somewhere you frequent, like a local coffee shop or bar.

Plus if you actually drink the champagne you might be feeling extra loose 😉

Champagne pop + canoe + florals = the ultimate vibe.

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