Fun Date Ideas on Oahu

Whether you're just two people having fun, a couple of newlyweds, or you've been together for years, typical dinner and a movie dates can get kind old quick. But what else is there to do? I'm glad you asked! Oahu offers unparalleled beauty and is bustling with fun activities, if you know where to look. So I've compiled a list of fun date ideas on Oahu to make this date night (or date day) a lot more exciting. (P.S. They aren't in any particular order, just how they came to me)

Go for a surf

Who doesn't love a the feeling of the thrill of dropping in on a wave, and actually riding it? I'm no Kelly Slater, but I love the feeling of accomplishment I get after I catch a wave, no matter how small! Going surfing with my partner is one of our most fun date nights! The island has plenty of surf spots perfect for beginners such as Pops, Barber's Point, and Castles. Check it out yourself!

Painting with a Twist

Wine + (just about anything else) sounds amazing, so painting while getting a little tipsy is sure to be a blast. Not only do you get to enjoy a favorite pastime (i.e. wine) but you get an awesome painting to take home! And honestly, even if you think you don't have a creative bone in your body the instructors give such great directions that EVERYONE'S work comes out looking stellar. Pro tip: these sessions are usually on Groupon so you can get them for a nice discount 🙂

Kualoa Ranch Activities

Moving on to an all-day adventure, I just HAD to mention Kualoa Ranch. A bit more on the pricey side (most of their tours are $125+) but if you can afford it, man is it worth it! I've personally done the horseback ride and movie tour and really want to come back for the ATVs. That side of the island is simply stunning and you won't be disappointed no matter what tour you choose.

Sunset hike

Oahu offers incredible vistas almost anywhere you look, so why not grab the sneakers and go on a romantic sunset hike? This will give you time to connect with each other and with nature, and sunsets are always a great time to get cozy at the top. Some of my favorite sunset hikes are: Maili Pillbox in Waianae Pali Puka in Honolulu Ehukai Pillbox in North Shore

Check out a waterfall

Not feeling like facing the heat but prefer to cool off instead? Oahu also offers an array of waterfalls that are accessible year round, a perfect spot to get silly and splashy with your significant other. Pro tip: don't forget the towels and BUG SPRAY (those mosquitos can be vicious). My favorite waterfall hikes are:

  1. Lulumahu Falls
  2. Waimano Falls
  3. Manoa Falls

Go Snorkeling

And last, but certainly not least, how about just a simple old beach day where you can snorkel with the fishies and turtles! I know we tend to get a little spoiled living in paradise, but it's so important to actually enjoy all the free amenities around us. So pack the cooler, grab the sunscreen and snorkel gear, and have some fun in the Hawaiian sun. My favorite snorkel spots are:

  1. Electric Beach
  2. Shark's Cove
  3. Hanauma Bay

Have a couples shoot

Ok, I said I wouldn't pick favorites but you caught me! A photoshoot with your favorite person is SO FUN, especially when you get to do it in Hawaii! Don't worry, I'll provide all the location scouting, posing direction, and style tips you'll ever need, so all you have to do is show up and show out with your boo! Interested in learning more? Find out how I approach couples sessions 🙂

Hope this list can get your juices flowing for fun date ideas on Oahu!

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