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February 11, 2021

What to do with your Hands in Photos

This is a question I get asked quite often…what do I do with my hands? Find out what to do with your hands in photos for the most flattering looks.

How to pose your hands

Pretend you are getting something sticky off your fingers

Keeping your hands at your waist and then acting like you are removing something sticky from your fingers gives your brain something to focus on other than “what do I do with my hands”. You should always keep your arms off your body and near your waist to accentuate a flattering figure.

Hold Something

When you hold something it naturally gives your hands something to do, which is always a plus but also brings attention to that object (so make sure it isn’t something too distracting or this will take away from the image…more on props in another post) But the less overthinking about what your hands must do the better, so I always recommend flowers! They add beautiful texture to any photo and will make you feel more at ease with your poses.

Remember the waist

If there is nothing to hold, you can gently place one or two hands at the waist. I always try to remember to keep my arms off my body to avoid them looking unusually wide.

Play with your hair

Getting the hair out of your face (or having your significant other do it for you), playing with your curls, or shaking your hair out looks flirty and fun and give your hands a purpose!

How to pose your eyes

Where you look can dramatically change the feel of the portrait. Looking away from the camera typically gives a candid feel to the portrait. But no matter where you look, you want to avoid only seeing the “white” part of your eye, this is highly unflattering. Although looking directly at the camera can be daunting at first, direct eye contact makes a great photo. A good tip is to focus on something very hard, which brings out a VERY captivating look in the eyes. Practice selfies in the mirror if you are intimidated of looking directly into the camera!

Now that you know how to pose your hands and eyes…let’s talk about what to wear for your engagement photos!

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