What to Wear for your Engagement Photos

So you're engaged! Congrats! Now that you have officially decided to get hitched, you get to start planning your romantic and adventurous engagement session photos! But what to wear for your engagement photos?? Well this typically depends where we are taking photos and who you are as a couple, but I've put together some guidelines that will help just about anyone 🙂

1. Wear Something Comfortable

Most people hear the word "photo shoot" and assume they have to dress fancy, and if that's something you are comfortable in, go for it! But if the thought of a ballgown and fitted suit makes you cringe, forget it...which brings me to my next point.

2. Wear Something that Reflects you as a Couple

Your engagement photos should personify who you truly are as a couple, not what you think others want to see. If you love overalls and cowboy hats, wear that. These photos will come out natural, warm, and candid.

3. Choose a Location that Showcases Something you Love, and Dress Accordingly

If you both love the ocean, maybe a beach lifestyle session is your jam; in which case I'd bring a bikini and some trunks, or a flowy white dress for dramatic effect. If you both love to hike then get out your hiking boots and have your photographer follow you like your personal paparazzi. For those really committed to getting that "epic shot", I'd recommend packing another outfit for the top!

4. Incorporate Props to Compliment your Location or Outfits

Love surfing? Grab a surfboard. Can't get enough of your pet? Bring your furry friends! Love mountain biking? You get the idea... Sometimes something as simple as a cool textured blanket or tropical flower bouquet can elevate your photos to the next level. But let's try to avoid things that are overly cheesy.

5. Don't Forget about Textures

Still wondering what to wear for your engagement photos? Assorted textures are a photographer's dream! Consider how a cashmere sweater with some blue jeans against a suede suit and wool hat can add depth and dimension to your photo.

6. Compliment Each Other, but Don't be too Matchy

We've all seen the goofy photos with a shirt and matching dress. If that's appealing to you, or you just want to get a little laugh, by all means! But for the most part it looks pretty corny. Instead of perfectly matching, opt for colors and textures that compliment each other. Typically colors in the same family (neutrals, spring colors, bold colors) work well together; similarly, if you would like to make someone stand out, the other person shouldn't wear anything too flashy. For example, if the bride wants to go for a bold red dress, her fiance could opt for a charcoal grey top and black slacks (or ripped jeans, for a more casual look).

By the way, I send all my couples a style guide and Pinterest Mood Board after booking with me!

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