getting married in 2024? Only accepting 5 more couples. inquire to see if your date is availalbe.




getting married in 2024? Only accepting 5 more couples. inquire to see if your date is availalbe.

February 26, 2024

Wedding Photography Styles Popular in Hawaii for 2024

The Hawaii wedding photography space is ever evolving. And Hawaii, with its enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture, continues to be a top choice for couples planning a destination wedding in 2024. The unique setting offers a backdrop that transforms special moments into timeless memories, reflecting the evolving trends in the wedding industry.

Let’s delve into the essence of luxurious and thematic Hawaiian wedding photography, offering couples this guide to making their day unforgettable.

Current Trends in Wedding Photography for 2024

As we step into 2024, the world of Hawaii wedding photography blossoms with fresh trends and captivating styles, particularly against the lush and dynamic backdrops of the island. Couples are on a quest for distinctive ways to immortalize their cherished moments, and it’s Hawaii’s breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture that fuel a diverse palette of photography styles.

These styles not only embody luxury but also weave in thematic intricacies. We’ll check out some of the current waves making their mark on wedding photography trends for 2024, shining a spotlight on those styles that truly encapsulate the spirit of Hawaiian nuptials with sophistication and a touch of editorial flair.

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Hawaii wedding photography styles capturing a Paliku wedding.

Blurred Action Wedding Photography

This style captures the key moments of a wedding ceremony with a dynamic twist, showcasing the energy and emotion of the day. Blurred action shots are perfect for couples who want their photos to reflect the spontaneous joy and movement of their special day, adding an editorial flair to their wedding album.

Blurred action photography is very popular in Hawaii.

Disposable Camera

A nod to nostalgia and engagement, disposable cameras invite wedding guests to document candid images from their perspective, adding a layer of intimacy and fun to capturing the day’s special moments. This trend is a testament to the importance of engagement photos and the collective memory of the wedding party.

Documentary/Photojournalistic Photography

Favored by couples looking for a more authentic and unobtrusive style of photography, this approach focuses on candid and journalistic wedding photographs, telling the story of the day by capturing intimate moments and precious memories as they naturally unfold.

Drone Photography

Drone photography offers a breathtaking perspective on destination wedding photography, showcasing Hawaii’s landscapes in stunning aerial shots. This new photo trend and innovative approach add a dramatic element to wedding albums, perfect for capturing the grandeur of a beach wedding or the scenic beauty of a traditional ceremony.

Film Photography

Film Photography

For those who value the tactile quality and timeless appeal of film, this form of destination wedding photography brings a warm, organic feel to capturing the day (or night!). Film photography is cherished for its ability to convey the depth of emotions and the atmospheric beauty of the wedding venue.

Direct Flash Photography

With its stark contrasts and vivid colors, direct flash photography brings a modern, editorial style to wedding photos. This trend is ideal for couples who desire a bold, contemporary look, highlighting the lively atmosphere of a Hawaiian wedding celebration.

Under the Veil Wedding Portraits

These intimate portraits capture the engaged couple in a private, tender moment, offering a glimpse into their connection. This style emphasizes the emotional depth and closeness of the wedding couple, adding a layer of intimacy to the wedding album.

In the ever-evolving world of imagery, keeping abreast of current photography trends is essential for capturing moments that resonate with today’s aesthetic preferences. From the ethereal glow of natural light photography to the authentic capture of candid emotions and the innovative angles of drone shots, these trends are redefining how we immortalize memories.

Cost and Budgeting for Wedding Photography

Choosing the right Hawaii wedding photography package is a crucial aspect of wedding planning. Costs can vary significantly, influenced by the experience of the wedding photographer, the style of photography, and the details of the package, including engagement sessions, day-of wedding coverage, and the processing of images in raw image format or the creation of matted albums.

Couples should discuss their expectations and budget with their photographer to find a package that meets their needs, ensuring that each precious moment is captured without compromising quality.

Masha Sakhno’s Expertise in Wedding Photography

Style and Approach

My name is Masha, and I am a luxury editorial wedding photographer, and I have been in the business of Hawaii wedding photography for a long time now. My unique blend of styles, combines photojournalistic (aka documentary) and creative portrait photography, with an editorial feel. My approach is tailored to capture the essence and atmosphere of each destination wedding, focusing on the natural beauty and candid moments that make each celebration unique.

Unique Features

My work is distinguished by my adept use of natural light, artistic composition, and dedication to capturing the narrative of the couple’s journey. My expertise in both traditional and contemporary wedding photography, along with my ability to adapt to a wide variety of ceremonies and traditions, makes me a sought-after name in the wedding photography industry.

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The landscape of wedding photography is ever-evolving, with a wide variety of styles to choose from. The trends for 2024 highlight the importance of capturing the special moments and emotions of a wedding day, set against the stunning backdrop of Hawaii.

Whether through the intimate gaze of under-the-veil portraits, the innovative angles of drone photography, or the timeless appeal of the film, these styles offer couples a way to memorialize their wedding season in a manner that resonates with their personal story and vision.


Is it normal to pay a wedding photographer before the wedding?

Yes, it’s standard practice in the wedding photography industry to pay a deposit and settle the balance before the wedding day. This ensures the photographer’s services for your special day and is a common part of wedding planning.

Do you meet with the photographer before the wedding?

Absolutely! Meeting with your photographer before the day of the wedding allows for a discussion about style preferences, key moments to capture, and any additional services. It’s also an opportunity to discuss engagement sessions and how to incorporate them into your wedding photography package. I always meet my clients via zoom a minimum of two times before the big day.

Is a luxury photographer worth it for a wedding?

Investing in an experienced wedding photographer is invaluable. After all, the dress gets hung up, the flowers wilt, the cake gets eaten so all you’ll have left are the emotive photographs to remember the spectacular celebration.

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