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February 2, 2021

A Seamless Engagement Session: 6 Tips To Prepare

Congrats on your engagement! Now that you’re madly in love and found that person you want to spend the rest of your life with comes the next part: your engagement session. The engagement shoot is my favorite part of the wedding planning process. When done right, these sessions are intimate, authentic, and a great way to alleviate wedding day nerves. The following tips will help you prepare for a seamless engagement session experience.

Give yourself time to get comfortable in front of the camera

As is the case for most couples, your engagement session is the first time you are in front of a professional camera together, meaning you might be a little nervous. This is totally normal! That’s why my sessions tend to be longer than most, so we don’t have to fixate on posing and can rather just enjoy the experience together.

Brainstorm both beautiful and meaningful location ideas

Hawaii has no shortage of breathtaking views and sweeping vistas, but not all locations are created equal! Sure, some are all over Instagram and Pinterest and you might think this is where you absolutely have to take photos at; and while there’s nothing wrong with that, a lot of those “famous” spots will be crowded, illegal, or difficult to access. Now don’t get me wrong, I love adventure and finding secret spots off the beaten path, but if you’re not one for getting dirty, opt for a location that is meaningful to you and your relationship.

For your engagement session, showcase your unique style

Don’t just go for a white dress because that’s what “everybody does”. While neutrals do tend to photograph better if you are going for a romantic look, if it doesn’t resonate with you, choose outfits that fit your unique style! You should also try to match your location when thinking of style for your engagement session.

Have your session either at first light or golden hour

Unless you are purposefully going for an edgy, high-fashion look, we typically want to avoid the mid-day sun. The reason being is when the sun is high in the sky it can cause unflattering shadows and it can also make it hard for you to open your eyes! The lighting during sunrise and sunset is much more flattering and soft.

This isn’t always true and I have shot in midday sun before, but it does tend to become more difficult for the client. If we are at an indoor location, or a location that offers shade, we should be good-to-go!

Ultimately, it’s your connection that matters most.

Spend time together before the engagement session

I don’t like using the word “posing” when referring to photography. My goal during your session is to make you forget you are taking photos at all. Before the session, just spend some time noticing how you “fit” together, and how you showcase love. Are you often cuddling or holding hands? Are you more subtly affectionate? So during your engagement session, don’t feel obligated to be attached at the hip if that doesn’t feel natural for you. Whatever way is natural in your relationship is how we’d like to capture it in photos.

Make it a date

Take the day off and spend it together. Go to your favorite restaurant, share some wine, remember why you wanted to have an engagement session in the first place! And at some point in your day, you’ll meet with a nice lady who’ll follow you around with a camera. We’ll explore, we’ll chat, and it will be a beautiful experience.

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A couple on a boat during their engagement session.

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