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April 30, 2024

Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu

As a wedding photographer who has captured countless special moments across Oahu, I have a few favorite venues that embody the island’s spirit of romance and beauty. This island is a canvas of breathtaking venues, each ready to play its part in your love story. In my career as a wedding photographer, I can tell you that Oahu is not just a place to marry—it’s a destination where your wedding dreams can come alive amidst some of the most spectacular settings in the world. 

Choosing the right venue here isn’t just about booking a spot; it’s about discovering a place that reflects your relationship and sets the stage for a day you will remember forever. Whether you are dreaming of a beachfront ceremony with the sand between your toes, a lush garden affair surrounded by floral beauty, or a private retreat in the mountains, Oahu offers a variety of options that cater to every taste.

Here are my top 10 venue recommendations for your intimate wedding in Oahu.

1- Holomua Farms

Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu

Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu
Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu
Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu

    Nestled in Waialua, Holomua Farms offers an eco-friendly retreat surrounded by lush mountain forests. With a capacity for 50 guests, it’s perfect for those seeking a serene, intimate setting. Only 45 minutes from downtown Honolulu, it combines convenience with privacy. The venue’s natural beauty provides countless stunning photo ops for your wedding album. It’s a sustainable choice, ideal for eco-conscious couples who want a low-impact wedding in a breathtaking location.

    You may learn more about the venue on their website or message them through their contact form.

    2- The Kahala Hotel & Resort

      At The Kahala Hotel & Resort, located in Honolulu, you don’t need to venture far for luxury. They offer oceanfront ceremonies and elegant reception options. The resort includes a range of amenities that ensure your guests are entertained throughout their stay, making your wedding not just a day, but an experience. With its reputation for upscale service and breathtaking scenery, The Kahala is where luxury meets the aloha spirit in a spectacular fashion.

      Give them a call at +1 (866) 318-4579, or visit their website for more info.

      3- Paradise Cove Events and Ocean Garden Weddings

        Paradise Cove captures the essence of island joy and aloha spirit. It welcomes couples from all walks of life and offers a professional team to handle every detail. This venue is versatile, catering to both grand and more intimate gatherings by the ocean. With its stunning beachfront location, Paradise Cove provides the perfect setting for sunset vows followed by a starlit reception.

        You may reach them by filling out the contact form on this page.

        4- Palikū Gardens

        Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu

        Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu
        Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu
        Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu

          Situated at Kualoa Ranch, Palikū Gardens features breathtaking views of Kane’ohe Bay against the backdrop of the sacred Kanehoalani mountain. The venue offers a large lawn, upper gardens, and a pavilion, perfect for a wedding that combines elegance with nature. The panoramic views of the surrounding landscape offer a dramatic setting for your special day, ensuring every photograph captures the majesty of Oahu.

          Reach out to their Wedding Sales Department directly at, or through their contact form.

          5- Male’ana Gardens

            In the heart of Kailua, Male’ana Gardens is a gem for intimate weddings, especially from April to December when they accommodate up to 20 guests. This venue is one of the top favorites for most due to its hands-on service to couples getting married here. The garden is a short stroll from the beach and is enveloped by a peaceful, tropical ambiance. It’s ideal for those magical, smaller gatherings that feel like a private celebration amidst nature’s embrace. The garden’s intimate setting not only ensures privacy but also creates a cozy, family-like atmosphere during the ceremony.

            Give them a call at (808) 349-3999 or send them a message here.

            6- O’ahu Wedding Villas & Venues

            Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu
            Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu
            Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu

            Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu
            Top 10 Intimate Wedding Venues on Oahu

              For a luxurious, intimate experience, check out O’ahu Wedding Villas & Venues in Hauula. This venue offers a lot of amenities, including event setup and a variety of custom options, housed within a stunning private villa setting. It’s perfect for hosting both your ceremony and providing a plush stay for your closest guests. The exclusivity of the villa ensures that your wedding feels like a personal paradise retreat, with every detail tailored to your preferences.

              They can be reached via email at, through phone at 808-404-4989, or via their contact page.

              7- Hale Koa Hotel

                If you or your partner are part of the military community, Hale Koa Hotel in Honolulu provides exclusive access to gorgeous venues at exceptional rates. Their facilities cater to both large and small weddings, with beautiful options for outdoor and indoor settings. It’s a special locale that honors military families, providing a picture-perfect and respectful backdrop for your special day.

                You may reach out to the Hale Koa Hotel by phone at 1-800-367-6027 or 808-955-0555, or email

                8- Haiku Gardens

                  Haiku Gardens offers a secluded garden venue with a private pond, lush lawns, and a covered pavilion. With the dramatic Waianae mountains as your backdrop, it provides a picturesque setting for both your ceremony and photography. The calm waters of the pond and the rich greenery around create a serene, idyllic environment for saying your vows.

                  They can be reached by phone at 808-247-0605, or by leaving them a message using their contact form.

                  9- Ko’olau Ballrooms

                    For those who envision their day with a touch of grandeur, the Ko’olau Ballrooms feature majestic views of the Ko’olau Range. They offer significant discounts when booking both your ceremony and reception, making this stunning venue a smart and spectacular choice. The elegance of the ballrooms paired with the breathtaking mountain views offers a luxurious and unforgettable wedding experience.

                    You may call them for inquiries at (808) 954-7000, or leave them a message through their website.

                    10- Wahiawā Botanical Garden

                      The last on our list is for those looking for a truly enchanting setting. Wahiawā Botanical Garden offers lush scenery filled with tropical flora at no cost — just remember to secure a permit. It’s an ideal choice for couples dreaming of a garden wedding surrounded by nature’s beauty. This venue offers a peaceful escape where guests can immerse themselves in the splendor of native Hawaiian plant life and serene walking paths.

                      Reach out to the Honolulu Botanical Gardens through email at,  or give them a call at 808-768-7135.

                      Each venue listed here holds a promise of not just a wedding day, but an experience that is as deep and enduring as your vows. As a photographer, I have seen how the right setting enhances every smile, kiss, and tear of joy, ensuring that your special day is as perfect as you’ve imagined. Remember, the venue you choose is more than just a backdrop; it’s a participant in your wedding day, a witness to your love, and framing your memories. I hope that I have helped you choose a venue that resonates with your soul, embraces your story, and transforms your once-in-a-lifetime event into a timeless celebration!

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