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February 2, 2024

Wedding Planning Mistakes Almost Every Couple Makes

Within the intricate tapestry of wedding planning, couples often encounter pitfalls that, if disregarded, can significantly impact their overall experience. As a seasoned editorial wedding photographer, I’ve identified 5 of the most common wedding planning mistakes that couples should actively avoid. Let’s delve into these aspects to ensure a meticulously planned celebration.

1. Not having a rainy day planning

Failure to prepare for adverse weather conditions can significantly disrupt an outdoor ceremony, especially in tropical destinations such as Hawaii. Mitigate this risk by establishing a comprehensive rainy day plan. Employ elegant tents or secure an indoor alternative. Effectively communicate this plan to vendors and guests beforehand, ensuring a cohesive understanding and readiness for potential changes.

A common wedding planning mistake is not having a rainy day plan; couple experiences rain on their wedding.

2. Not hiring an experienced wedding planner

Another wedding planning mistake is not hiring a wedding planner, or at the very least, a day-of-coordinator. You might think you can do it by yourself, but here’s why you shouldn’t. Underestimating the importance of a professional wedding planner can lead to logistical nightmares. An experienced wedding planner not only manages intricate details but also transforms your vision into reality. Their expertise in navigating unforeseen circumstances is instrumental in fostering a smooth planning process.

In the words of wedding coordinator James Rodriguez, “A wedding planner acts as a reliable ally, alleviating the burden of coordination and allowing couples to relish their special day.”

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3. Not spending enough time together because you didn’t have a first look

Skipping the first look denies you an intimate pre-ceremony moment that holds emotional value. This oversight negates the opportunity for genuine reactions and sets a serene tone for the day. From a photographic standpoint, having a first look means we can get lots of portraits done ahead of time, leading me to my next point…don’t skip cocktail hour!

4. Skipping all of cocktail hour

Another wedding planning mistake is skipping cocktail hour. This is the fun part! Bypassing may compromise the opportunity for you to casually engage with guests and establish a festive atmosphere. Cocktail hour provides me with a window to capture candid moments and often-overlooked details, contributing to a comprehensive visual record of the celebration.

5. Not choosing a photographer that aligns with your vision and style

Selecting a photographer whose style harmonizes with the your aesthetic preferences is critical. Failure to do so may result in a visual discord between expectations and reality. I encourage you to research and engage with photographers specializing in editorial wedding photography, ensuring your personalities and vision align.

Looking for a journalistic approach to your wedding so you can be fully present and an editorial-inspired eye to capture stunning portraits and wedding details? Inquire today about me photographing your bespoke wedding celebration.

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